Friday, June 6, 2008

Another Titanic Band

This is the sound of the song sung by those who opt to remain in the Episcopal Church. In his article at the Anglican Communion Institute the Rev. Russell Levenson, Jr. Rector, St. Martin's Houston, Texas sings,
"Every time a parish, or a group of Christians like you make the decision to leave, it certainly makes it more difficult to do the very thing you have asked me to do...nevertheless, we will try and do just that."

I urge those consdering departure, to consider the CPP(Communion Partners Plan), (whether Diocese, Bishop, Rector or Parish). It is not a perfect solution; far from it. But as one of my colleagues who has been in this battle for a very long time recently said to me, "This is my only viable option...I just don't have a 'plan B.'"

Not exactly a Siren's song. I want something more positive, more convincing.

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