Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mr. Churchman, What's Your Heading?

Many people ask where the Church is headed. This video (lyrics below) provides the answer to the where and how.

One Hundred years our church has stood
A pristine temple built of wood
Abandoned we fear losing it
To safety we are moving it

Refrain: Here it comes….

John Deere is helping us steer
Around tight corners in a higher gear
The heavy load of the church tower
Just won’t move without tractor power


Climbing hills and crossing fields
Into town on sixty wheels
On it’s perch for all to see
Safe and sound for Eternity



The analogy I would like to draw is one that applies to the Episcopal Church (of course, or should that be "off" course?). What if we substituted the Belarus Tractors currently pulling the Church for John Deeres?
This video and music might also be a helpful illustration for parishes setting sail from the Episcopal Church and settling into a new port, "safe and sound for Eternity."

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