Sunday, November 20, 2011

Drone on O Sermon Eternal

My pal the Undergroundpewster called yesterday and updated me on how things were going on Sunday mornings. This inspired the following parody.

1. Drone on Sermon eternal
the time for sleep has come;
henceforth on Sunday mornings
our eyelids are our home.
We pray for preparation
and strength from heaven above;
but thou Sermon eternal
has made our faces long.

2. Drone on Sermon eternal
till thoughts and cares cease,
and holiness shall whisper
the sweet amen of peace.
Despite the pulpit's creaking,
and patience put to test,
the Word of God shall enter
our souls in quiet rest.

3. Drone on Sermons eternal
forgotten through the years;
Our eyes awake to the morning
when your words disappear.
We see the cross before us,
We follow its Holy Light;
T'were not for sermons eternal,
we'd miss its precious sight.

Apologies to Ernest W. Shurtleff, 1862-1917

(ref ) Hymn 580. Lead On, O King Eternal

Text: Ernest W. Shurtleff, 1862-1917
Music: Henry T. Smart, 1813-1879
Tune: LANCASHIRE, Meter: 76.76 D

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