Tuesday, October 3, 2017

T.E.c, T.E.c., T.E.c., yeah T.E.c....

Recently the bishops of The Episcopal Church came to Alaska to listen to the earth and its peoples as an act of prayer, solidarity and witness (received via communique).  They inspired me to get out of my hammock and come up on deck to pen this parody.

With apologies to Sir Paul,

When I find myself in cold Alaska, mother Gaia comes to me, Speaking words of Sophia, T.E.c.And in the hours of darknessShe is liturgically dancing right in front of me,Speaking words of Sophia, T.E.c.
T.E.c., T.E.c.,T.E.c., T.E.c.,Speaking words of Sophia, T.E.c.
And when the congregation nodding numbly with the sermon agree, the pews will be half empty, T.E.c.
For though they may depart never more for us to see, the church will be cleaner without them, TEc.
T.E.c., T.E.c.,T.E.c., yeah T.E.c.,Speaking words of Sophia, T.E.c.

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